ENVR 201 Environmental Science and Policy I — The first semester of the ENVR 201-202 sequence for environmental science and environmental studies majors.

GEOL 315 Surface and Near-Surface Processes — It sounds more abstract than it is. It’s hydrology and geomorphology. We go outside, take measurements, and learn how to use those measurements to draw useful conclusions and keep track (in a quantitative way) of how the physical parts of our environment move around.

GEOL 570 Environmental Hydrogeology — Find out how to tell which way groundwater is moving, how fast, and what it carries with it. Your water supply — or ecosystem — depends on it!

GEOL 575 Numerical Methods for Earth Science Applications — We solve the partial differential equations that govern heat transport, groundwater flow, and solute transport using finite difference and finite element methods. If you can write your own, you’re unstoppable.

GEOL 770 Ground Water Geology — The advanced hydrogeology course.

GEOL 775 Numerical Methods in Subsurface Hydrology —  You’ll learn to write your own models, try out a canned model or two, and use modeling techniques to explore an aspect of your thesis or dissertation project.